An Ideal Twitter Landing page, Content to write

Amarnath Prabhakar July 31, 2009 0

As a blogger the possibilities of you having a Twitter account is high. You must have read from places about the advantages of having a twitter account to create a blog network. Also, would you have heard that the traffic that gets driven from twitter is huge.

All these are true provided there are a few things you do to ensure that the twitter account stands to meet its expectations. One of the things to do is to create a twitter landing page. A landing page is very important, it is better than having some page as a twitter page. Check this article on why you need a landing page.

Now that we’ve realised that a twitter landing page is important, let’s in this article look at the ideal content for a landing page. Below are the content you can have, its your choice to choose all or a few from these.

Welcome Greeting: Making sure that the visitors are aware that this is your customised landing page for twitter users is important. Thank them to have stopped by you blog (Twitter Page)

Introduce Yourself: People visiting the page have come to it through your twitter account and this does not mean they remember who you are. Introduce yourself again, with your name and your twitter account name.

Your Picture: Although this isn’t all that necessary, this sure would provide the elevation you require in gaining the confidence of the people who are following you. This is more so important to attract people to follow you.

Twitter Goal: A lot of people have a lot of different reasons for them to be on twitter, what’s yours. Sharing your twitter goal will give much greater credibility among your followers.

What you tweet about: This will help understand your tweets and setting an expectation among people. If people are sure as to the topics you cover in your tweets they can choose to follow you depending on their needs.

Recent Tweets: There are a lot of tools that publishes your recent tweets on your blog. Use them to populate your recent tweets on the blog for a preview of what your tweets are.

Other Social Media accounts: Use this landing page to advertise your other social media accounts as well. People who are present in those networks can choose to follow you.

There we have the ideal content that can be published on your twitter landing page. Please feel free to check my Twitter landing page. Also, if you choose to follow me on twitter, my account is @unoblogger

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