Blog Promotion – Why promote a blog?

Amarnath Prabhakar September 17, 2008 0

All said and done people write blogs for a reason, it can be to pour out their feelings on something or to share their knowledge. The latter types of people would want something in return when they share their knowledge.

If you are looking at earning through blogs then this post should give you an insight as to what blog promotion is and why should it be done.

This post and the series “Blog Promotion” is dedicated to answer questions on promoting blogs. As mentioned, if you are a blogger looking to make some revenue through your blog then you need to get the word out that your blog is available to serve questions pertaining to a niche. Niche writing is something that sells.

So why should anyone visit your blog for you to earn?

Advertisers shun fraud clicking

You might be thinking that the advertisements can earn you money and you will engage yourself to click these ads. That’s very wrong not only in terms of ethics also in terms of advertisers not happy with that. Every blog will have to get regular and genuine traffic and the ads clicked by these traffic is acceptable.
If you click fraud then you can lose membership with the advertisers, you’ll be banned.

- Fulfilling the earning equation

There is a simple equation which states how much a blog can earn in terms of advertising revenue. Any blogger can earn approx $ 1 for every 100 visits, so more the visits the better the earning per day
Hypothetically speaking

100 visits = 400 pageviews = 1 dollar
500 visits = 2000 pageviews = 5 dollars
1000 visits = 4000 pageviews = 10 dollars
10000 visits = 40000 pageviews= 100 dollars

So more the visits the better the earning potential, please be informed that this is only illustrative and depends a lot more on pagerank, search engine optimization et al.

- Increasing Pagerank

Google pagerank is the rank given to your blog or your webpage which gives an idea as to how valuable your page is to the internet.
There is a math behind page rank on which I would write a post later, but for now it would suffice for you to understand that better the page rank better the earning in terms of ads featured. So you need to promote blogs to make sure there is better traffic which in turn would help at least a little to improve page rank of your blog.

Now that you have three best reasons to promote your blog you get your act right and start to promote your blog. I would follow this post with a series for Blog Promoton, where I will list ways to promote blogs and talk about each blog promoting activity in detail. For more such articles related to blogging, subscribe to Unoblogger by Email

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