Creating facebook page for branding

Amarnath Prabhakar January 7, 2009 0

Ever wondered about the possibility of creating groups on social networks to initiate a community based on your website?

Well it sure is a possibility to create groups based on your website or blog. These groups created would still be under your branding and will not take off on itself. This is where we have face book pages, these are fan pages as popularly called. These fan pages creates the sort of branding your blog requires and not attached to your personal networking community or your profile.

The fan pages of facebook has its own community and fan following that would be dedicated only to those pages and of course there are these promotions that happen through these pages for your blog or website. In this post we will see, how to create a fan page.

1. Visit the linkfacebook create page, and give the necessary information. Be wary of the fact that the name of the business you provide would be the name of the page. So be choosy and clear as to what you want the page to be named.

2. Upload a picture – This should ideally be the logo of your website or the blog. This sure is an additional branding that we get free of charge.

3. Edit page – After you’ve uploaded the logo, you go to the next step of editing the page. You provide here the details like the the founded date and the detailed info of your website.

4. Save Changes and Publish Page – Once you’ve finished editiing the details of the fan page, save the changes. There will be a prompt on top of the page to publish the page. Click on publish and your page will be published.

In four simple steps you’ve created a fan page for your blog or website. Start sharing it with friends and acquaintance to ensure there is traffic to the page created.

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