Microblogging – What is it?

Amarnath Prabhakar September 23, 2008 0

We know now what blogging is, We know now that blogging is updated on constant basis, these are things that were written in the post “What is a blog“. These days there is a new phenomenon on the internet which surpasses social networking, social media and blogging.

This is a new rage among people wanting to stay connected and continue sharing their views and provide updates to their followers or subscribers (people who are tagged with them to understand their day to day activities). Now, this rage or phenomenon is caugh up well with the people in general and there is greater acceptance with bloggers.

Any blogger you know is up with it and is constantly in touch with their followers by way of this new technology or concept. It is called microblogging and is fast catching up with greater sense of urgency.

Sense of urgency??, yes people are wanting to catch this phenomenon sooner. It is sending brief posts or messages letting people know of a new post on a blog.

Let me give you some pointers why microblogging is the in thing now, better than blogging

  • Time consumption, the time consume to write up a blog is usually 20 to 30 mins and to send an update on a ¬†microblog is very negligible. People just mention what they do at that precise time and that too quickly. The microblog usually gets updated in a single line
  • Vast Reach, Since the bloggers use microblog as another medium to promote their blog, it comes as a boon to know that there are many people already into this platform. All the bloggers have to do is to get these people to follow them on the microblogs.
  • Ease of Updations, If you are to post on your blog you need a computer with internet connectivity or a very high end mobile phone with 3G or GPRS. On the other hand a microblog can be updated even with a simple mobile phone. It’s like sending a message to people, all you have to do is send a SMS to the server hosting the microblog.
  • Instantaneous, there are people who are always glued to the microblogs and updating them with your message will reach them instantaneously. We do not have to wait for subscribers to visit your blog or depend on feedburner or any feed readers to sparse your blog to your subscribers.
Knowing that the microblog has these benefits why are you not a microblogger yet?. We will see what are the various microblogs available for us to become members of in the posts to come.Subscribe to Unoblogger by Email

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