Reason for the sudden decrease in twitter followers

Amarnath Prabhakar August 1, 2009 0

The last month has seen some changes in the number of followers in twitter. My twitter account @unoblogger has seen some peaks and dips in the number of twitter followers in the past.

In one particular day the numbers increased tremendously and came back to normal the next day. This was written off as twitter gitch or technical error. This was also published as an article on this blog, it was titled “Sudden jump in twitter followers

This month again there is a repeat of the twitter glitch and this time it is not good. The technical error this time reduced the number if twitter followers by 98.

This technical error is unacceptable is what I thought and wanted to raise it to Twitter Help. For a moment I thought I should try to learn more on the possibility of a reduce in twitter followers rather than jumping the gun and so i began the research.

I tried finding about the drop in the number of twitter followers and there were any discussions on the same. The reason stated for the dip in twitter followers is the removal of spam accounts created on twitter. This can be a reason is what I felt and went across to the twitter help forum.

This is what was written by a twitter employee in response to a query raised by someone on the blocking and unblocking of followers.

If you see, the twitter employee has mentioned that people will see a dip in twitter follower count owing to the removal of spam accounts.

This is good for many reasons and is necessary for some of the reasons like having the Twitter world free from spammers, genuine users, database having more space for twitter, etc.

For many people networking is something they have been doing and the sudden drop in the number of twitter followers may prove to be a demotivator.

Twitter can instead let know to the people, of the days when the cleansing of database will be carried out, this to make up our minds that the count of followers will decrease that day. Please leave your comments on this subject.

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