Sudden jump in the count of Twitter Followers

Amarnath Prabhakar June 20, 2009 0

If you are a blogger then the chances are that you are in pursuit to increase fan following on various social networks. The reason why you tend to be behind increasing the followers count is to increase traffic to your website.

Twitter is one such social network which has attracted many people ranging from an individual to bloggers to actors to corporate brands and the corporate executives. Not all people in twitter are for traffic to the website, some are there for the branding, some for increasing awareness of a company and many are in it just for the kicks.

I have been with twitter for the last 8 odd months with the username unoblogger. The reason I am on it is to build my blog brand and to have a viral effect. There are a lot of ways that I have come across to increase twitter followers but have not started experimenting on those. These different methods to increase twitter followers will be one of the posts to come.

Since my pursuit is to increase twitter followers stage by stage, I am always looking at the number of followers. On the 10th June 09, I was in for a pleasant surprise. The surprise that saw my follower count increase a little over 100% in a single day. You can see the jump below,

After this jump the curiosity kicked in to try and find out how there was such a jump in twitter followers. The want was to find out which of the methods fueled this increase in twitter followers. The entire day went in trying to find out the reason why so many people decided to follow me on twitter.

The next day I went back to check the stats on twitter followers and the numbers brought me back to reality. From 696 followers the previous day, the count of twitter followers decrease to 339. Although the increase was artificial and had nothing to do with the methods to increase twitter followers, it still gave me a high looking at a 100% growth in a single day. After a week since the jump, a reality check was conducted and the number of twitter followers still remained around 350 and was growing at a steady pace. This can be seen in the picture below.

From all this high and low caused by a technical glitch, there is just one thing that is very obvious reiterating the learnings I’ve had in my life.

“there is no shortcut to growth”

“All that glitters is not gold”

So instead of being carried away by the non existence of certain things, it is better to be grounded and be in senses at all times.

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