Top Reasons why I won’t follow a twitter user

Amarnath Prabhakar July 22, 2009 0

Twitter has become a part of many people’s lives and I am no different. My twitter account @unoblogger has now over 500 followers and I now follow 118 people. This can trigger a question, why do I follow so less people in comparison to the people who follow me?

The answer lies in the person’s twitter account I am scrutinizing to follow. There are a lot of factors I consider prior to following a person. These factors where I choose not to follow a person are listed as below

No Photo – This can be a factor that a lot of people can overlook but, the very fact that you’ve uploaded a photograph to your twitter account shows genuineness

No Bio – A bio is a quick summary of what sort of a person you are. There better be a bio for me to consider following you

No URL – The web link that is provided for people to link their twitter account should essentially have something. This is for me to click and find out more about this person I am wanting to follow.

The URL is abnormal – There are a lot of URLs which don’t belong to any domain or does not have a proper domain name. This will turn me down, cause I am sure the link and the person is ambiguous. There are also people who have short url like or These won’t trigger my inquisitiveness, I would only be worried where this link will lead me.

XXX Related – Your twitter account and your updates are related to porn. I would not follow you

TFF ratio is skewedThe TFF ratio is nothing but the twitter follower to friend ratio, which is published as decimals. The TFF ratio needs to be impressive, I think twice to follow people with less than .30 TFF ratio.

Only quotes/message for the day – Your updates are always some quote or some message of the day. It is really nice to be motivating the people, but I sure would like to follow a person.

Self promotional – Your tweets always boasts about yourself, self proclaiming, self promotional.

Get rich quick scheme – There are lots of schemes and offers that get floated around and these are at times a little overboard. I would like to find out about making money online or earning money when I want to find out.

Not many interesting tweets – There are a lot of people who have a routine to their tweets. They start off right from the morning breakfast that they had till they wish us good night. This routine becomes boring after a certain time.

Only links on news and current affairs – There are many updates that you provide, but it is more so links to other articles, news and updates. This is good in a way and good if within limits.

Website link is myspace or facebook profile – Yes, not all of us are webmasters or bloggers and not all of us have a presentable profile page. If the link is having myspace page, squidoo, facebook pages, I would think twice to follow you.

Self proclaimed - Self proclaimation is good if there is a commendable achievement of yours. Calling yourself a social media expert, SEO expert are not cool. Having expert tags are to be weighed, it will be scrutinized by people on the internet, I would.

Tweets on increasing twitter count - Most of your tweets are preaching ways to increase your twitter followers.

Not engaging me - If you are a celebrity or the internet god or goddess, then you have many people following you already. Your tweets won’t be as engaging and it will not interest me.

So, here is a list of reasons why I would choose against following you. This list of reasons are not just about me, all I have tried is also to reflect on the voices on the twitter world.

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