Ways to increase Technorati Authority

Amarnath Prabhakar August 13, 2009 0

As a blogger you ought to know certain definitions, blog jargons, blogging information and the blogosphere on the whole. One such phenomenon (I would call this a phenomenon) is the blog directories and Technorati happens to be the mother of all blogging related directories and search engine available.

That being said, as a blogger it is imperative for you to be existing in this website in it’s directories. It is like having a platform for your blog, being in Technorati.

Not only is it important being in technorati, it is important to gain popularity in the directory. This popularity on Technorati is called Technorati authority. Gaining authority is technically easy, but requires a lot of determination more than anything. A determination to succeed in gaining popularity for your blog.

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In simple terms an authority is the absolute number of blogs that link back to you (your blog). Technorati will consider linkbacks from a blog as one, irrespective of how many links there are from that blog. In this article we would look at ways to improve the technorati authority.

Get listing in a blogroll: A blogroll is a list of blogs within a blog, usually featuring in the sidebar of a blog or a website, is a way to publish various blogs in the niche. This is important for a blog in increasing linkbacks and authority. The more blogs link back to your blog the more your technorati authority. A blogroll also serves as a link exchange and a platform to increase your blog’s visibility online.

Time spent on Technorati: This is true to some extent where the amount of time spent on technorati having an effect on the blog authority. This is not a direct effect but an indirect effect. The more time you spend on technorati, the better you understand the concepts of authority. Also will you go through a lot of articles, favoring these articles and leaving comments on them. Even these exercises will tend to increase your exposure on Technorati and inturn people visiting your blog and eventually linking to you.

Favoring or faving on Technorati: It is important for you to visit a number of blogs on technorati. These visits will be fruitful in many ways and one of them is to understand the current trends in the internet world and blogging in specific. There are a lot of articles that would help increase your knowlege on many blogging aspects. This requires you to favor these blogs as a vote of thanks. The more blogs you favor the better your chances of getting noticed and the favor returned.

Commenting on blogs: This is one of the most talked about and proven techniques of increasing your technorati authority. As mentioned earlier, all link backs to your blog is treated as authority. This being the case the comments you leave on other blogs particularly those listed on Technorati will increase the linkbacks to your blog.

Technorati Tags: Technorati is built on tags, tags are simple terms that best describe an article on a blog. These words (Keywords) are important for technorati to segregate your blogpost into subjects. So everytime a person searches for a particular term that your blog has also listed with, your blog will be published in the search results. Tags are important and it is important for your blog to have technorati tags.

Write articles on Top tags: As mentioned on the previous point, Technorati tags are important. It makes more sense to write on the Technorati tags that have greater following and importance. Find out the top technorati tags and align your articles to these tags keeping them as a subject of discussion. These tags can be found under the popular tags navigation.

Pinging your blog: Pinging a blog is to let a search engine or a blog directory know, that there is an update on your blog. It is important because unless otherwise these websites know that there is an update on your blog, the same won’t reflect on the directory or the search engine. It is imperative that a ping is done to technorati to let know an update. You can ping a blog on technorati by visiting the URL – http://technorati.com/ping/. You can also set your blog to ping to Technorati automatically, the details of setting this up can be found at the configurations page of technorati.

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