What is a Blogroll? Advantages and disadvantages of blogrolling

Amarnath Prabhakar August 8, 2009 0

A blogroll is a list of links to blogs that the blogger likes. A blogroll is usually included in the blog’s sidebar. Some bloggers split their blogrolls into categories.

A blogroll can be set up by a blogger on any subject or niche and can list any number of bloggers on that blogroll. The updation of the blogroll again depends on the priority factor given to it.

There are certain other factors that are important for you to know as a blogger considering a blog roll.


Blogroll Etiquette of Reciprocation:

It is important that a rule(unwritten) is followed while dealing with blogrolls. The rule prevalent in blogosphere that any blogger putting your link in his blogroll will be thanked and in reciprocation his link should feature in your blog roll.

Of course not all links need to be reciprocated. There can be times when your link is published in a blogroll on a blog not related to your subject or even on a blog that is ambiguous. So the decision is truely yours to ecourage a blogroll and it’s at your discretion.

Blogroll increases traffic:

Once there are links of your that feature in other blogrolls on the blogosphere, the possibilities of these links getting clicked is higher. This possibility increases the chances of driving greater traffic to your blog.

The publicity that you stand to gain through the links is huge, provided there are enough blogs willing to list your blog on their blogrolls. The blogs listing your links also need to have some authority on th blogosphere for the publicity to happen.

A blogroll link also becomes an incoming link, which is considered for the blog ranking. If you have a lot of incoming links from high ranking blogs then based on the google juice that gets transferred, you will have greater ranking too.

Advantages of having a blogroll:

Creating a network:

Once a blogger is linked on your blogroll, you can intimate him via mail letting them know that they have been added on your blogroll. The reason you intimate is to ensure that the blogger is aware, not many people track their incoming links.

Once the blogger starts to promote you on his blog, the chances of people coming to know of your blogroll and them wanting to be promoted by you is high.

This cross promotion creates a network of bloggers and this network can grow stronger with many more joining. This network eventually will be authoritative in the niches they are publishing blogs.

Value add to your readers:

Readers visit your blog visit for a reason and they stick on because you provide  the information they need. This being the case every additional information that you provide to the bloggers will be slurped up by the readers.

A blogroll is one such value add, where you are letting your readers know that there are additional venues where information can be gathered. This will only increase your standing among the readers.

Incoming links for SEO:

All the blogs that link you in their blogroll transfer certain amount of google juice. This is an advantage to you knowing that google and technorati considers the incoming links while providing you authority.

More the links you get to your blog and the more links from high authority blogs is a definite gain to you and your blog.

Disdavantges of a Blogroll:

Deciding on Blogs to add:

When you have a blogroll it is unavoidable to receive requests from many bloggers to include their blogs. Thi becomes a sort of task to decide on the blogs that can feature in your blogroll and the blogs that cannot.

What becomes more a challenge is to turn down the offer for a link exchange from a small blogger or a blogger with a totally different niche. You have to be poilte while turning down, it is also important to cite the reason why you are turning down. This becomes a tight rope walk cause people can get offended and might brand you a snub.

Giving your google juice away:

As much as it being regarded an advantage of being linked on other blog’s blogroll, it i with your blogroll. The blogs that get linked to your blog take away certain amount of authority through the outgoing links.

It is important for us to understand and effectively work towards getting incoming links from high authority blogs and passing them down to low authority blogs. In this bargain you get to retain certain amount of google juice left to build your authority.

Additional task in hand:

Running a blogroll is an ongoing affair, there have to be links added and maintained in a scheduled manner. Imaging running a blogroll with very less links, readers who are visiting your blog will not like the less number of resources provided to them.

There can be blogs that remove the link back that they had provided initially. These links need to be removed and this task has to be done occasionally.

Also, there are cases where the blogs become obsolete or dead because the blogger decided he wants to close the blog. These links of dead blogs in your blogroll will not paint a good picture of your blog and the blogroll. These need to be removed as well.

Considering the pros and cons of running a blogroll, it definitely is an advantage provided it is maintained and checked in a periodic manner. A blog roll is good to increase authority and create networks of bloggers.

Now we know what is a blogroll and it’s advantages. Leave your comments on what you think of a blogroll and whether you have one in your blog.

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