What is a retweet?

Amarnath Prabhakar January 15, 2009 0

We know what is tweeting on twitter, there is an emergence of a new revolutionary process called retweets. As the name suggests retweeting is tweeting the same tweet on twitter. In simpler words forwarding a message (tweet) given by one to the people following you.

There sure must have been times when you felt that a tweet from some person was very interesting. So, you forward or tweet the message yourself which lets the followers of yours take notice of that message.

Making sure there is some ethical reasoning behind forwarding the message, also giving credit to the person at the same time was felt important. This is when retweets emerged to fulfill the need, the need for providing the credit to the owner of a message.

Retweet is done by using the two letters R and T. So when you retweet you type RT followed by the owners twitter ID and the message that was tweeted by the person.

RT @unoblogger (message)

It might be a strenuous task to keep typing rt and the user name every time you tweet. To address this issue two twitter tools helps you ReTweet as simple. You can use these desktop clients for the purpose of not just retweeting but also managing your twitter accounts. The clients are

Things that can be Retweeted

- Important news or event to share

- New articles or posts from your favorite bloggers

- Any funny news that you can ReTweet to your followers

So what ever the reason for you to retweet it sure is a fun way to captivate your followers and to attract more followers.

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