What is Delicious (Del.icio.us)?

Amarnath Prabhakar December 31, 2008 0

We’ve seen what is social bookmarking in this post titled “Social bookmarking”, also seen what stumbleupon is in this post titled “what is stumbleupon”. In this post we will look at del.icio.us.

Delicious is another social bookmarking site. This is similar to stumbleupon, and helps people maintain their favourites on the internet. It is a free service where thousands of people store their bookmarks, enabling you to see what’s hot and happening on the net. There is a fair amount of social sharing that happens through these networks. 

These networks became popular after there were bloggers on the internet. With Del.icio.us, or any other social bookmarking sites, bloggers can encourage readers to add their posts to such networks. By ensuring that the readers of their blog bookmarking the website, the bloggers are sure to allow a greater reach for  their content. If you’ve been browing a lot of logs and reading a lot of articles then there is very little chance that you might not have come across the logo above asking you to bookmark the article. 

Delicious has now caught up with the interenet crowd and all of them are using delicious or any of the book marking tools to save their find.

Delicious is a website where the registered users save their links, resources and bookmarks online. With this data you can precisely know what the trends are, what is emerging as a trend in any subject of interest.

Delicious allows you to download a toolbar which allows you to bookmark any page that you are on. The tool bar for firefox can be downloaded here, “Delicious addon for firefox“.

Delicious also allows you to save your bookmarks to your page irrespective of which browser you are using. To know more about bookmarking from browsers other than firefox you can visit this link here “Delicious bookmarklets“. Mind you, only Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Chrome and Opera are supported in Delicious for their bookmarklets.

Delicious is free to join and save as many bookmarks you please.

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