What is Social bookmarking?

Amarnath Prabhakar November 4, 2008 0

There would have been a lot of times when, you are visiting a website and the content captivates you and you feel like copying the content or saving the website for future visits. When you save the website for your future reference its called a bookmark. Yes it is similar to the bookmarks that you use to mark a page on a book. 

Definition of Social Bookmark: A method of saving and storing web pages in a single online location for future use or for sharing with other Internet users. There are now a days a lot of sites on the web that allow us to bookmark. Sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit provide social bookmarking, which is nothing but sharing your favourite pages with the people online.


We sure are feeling that this is some term that is confusing. We have always shared website links and content with our friends and family not knowing that we are indulging in social bookmarking.

These days the social bookmarking sites are considered a full fledged search engines. We would be right to an extent when we say social bookmarking as a search engine even exceeds the authentic search engines by way of the results published.

On these sites, you can save your favourite websites, share them with your friends and family, find other people’s interesting pages and search for top ranked pages in your specific interest. 

You can search for bookmarks based on most recent, top commented, tagging, niche, interest, subject, etc., By using the search tool you can search the bookmarked pages of other people and most often than not you will get the most relevant result. The social bookmarking sites are also being used as intelligent or superior searching tools.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

Specific Search – Social bookmarking allows you to specifically search what you want to see. Usually we will use search engines and sieve through pages and pages on search results and most often we might also not find what we want. By using the search option on these sites you can land on pages that are most relevant to your search word.

Relevant and Accurate results – The results shown when you search for information are most relevant. Best of all has been marked by other people who at some point searched for the same information.

Most recent reviews – Most of the bookmarking sites offer you most recent reviews globally on that site and most often than not, they are very uselful information available. You can even choose to subscribe to a bookmarker if the content bookmarked might interest you.

Identifying the supreme information – All the pages that are bookmarked are viewed by many more bookmarkers and eventually get reviewed. So you can choose supreme information by checking the reviews given by the bookmarkers. If a lot of people have good reviews about some content then you can be sure of the quality of the content.

These days social bookmarks are very uselful to people from all walks of life, provided they are convinced that there is a certain tool which can provide great information. 

You can choose to view my bookmarks and also become followers. Ofcourse, only if you feel it might be useful.

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