What is Technorati?

Amarnath Prabhakar January 3, 2009 0

There are certain terms and jargon that are prevalent among industries, like doctors would know the dental associations and terms like F.R.C.S, M.D, etc., So would it be the case with lawyers. Likewise, in the blogging fraternity there cannot be a soul that does not know Technorati. Technorati is a blog directory and blog reader that helps you search for and organize blogs you read most.

Technorati allows you to publish yourself and your blog on a platform for people to take notice. This is a sort of publicity to your blog which is free.

You can use it as an RSS reader to keep up with your favorite blogs for information on the industry and trends. Or, you can use it as a tool to find blogs in a certain niche to comment on. Technorati allows you to search by technorati tags or by blogs that are the most linked to.

The submission of your blog on technorati is term claiming a blog. By claiming your blog you will be added to the technorati ranks.(You can claim your blog at Technorati here.)
Technorati ranks are as important as alexa or page rank, especially for the blogs. The least your technorati ranking, the more popular your blog is.
You can improve your ranking by getting more sites to link to your blog. You can also improve your rank by getting more people to favorite your blog in technorati.

A technorati rank is basically a measurement of the popularity of your blog based on how many sites are linking to it and how many links each blog linking to you is giving you. They call that a measure of “authority”.

By adding Technorati tags to your blog posts you tell technorati what your blog is about. It’s much like you would use keywords to say what your webpage is about to the search engines. SimpleTags is an easy Word Press plug in that allows you to add tags to your blog posts.

You can choose to show a technorati cloud on your blog that shows your most frequently blogged about technorati tags.

Being in technorati is a great way to pick up new blog readers. It’s by far the most popular blog directory. And the technorati ranking gives you a simple gauge to compare how your blog promotion strategies are working. The lower your ranking goes, the more popular your blog.

So if you haven’t already, be sure to claim your blog in Technorati and start adding Technorati tags to your posts.

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