Why is it important to have a twitter landing page?

Amarnath Prabhakar July 23, 2009 0

Your twitter account is now regarded as the best social networking tool available. Although there are many other social networks that are there on the web space, nothing has got the fan following like twitter has. The last known number of twitter users had crossed 25 million, in digits it is 25,000,000 users.

This huge fan following only means one thing, a greater exposure to you. Twitter is not a personal network like linkedin, facebook or myspace, anybody can follow anybody on twitter. The reason why twitter could have such a craze could be because it is easy, quick and is accessible even on mobile phones.

So, for such a widely accepted platform it is important for you to be stunning and impressive. I personally do not follow people on twitter for various reasons and one of the reasons include the web link on their twitter profile.

Why would I choose not to follow someone with a simple link?

The way these links are used is something of a concern. These web links can direct anyone to the pages you link to, the pages can be a website of yours, a blog or a personal page.

What implications can there be if you link your twitter account to any page other than a landing page?

Your blog - Your blog will surely be a great link provided there is some information about you in your homepage. This is seldom the case with all of us, we would place our information in the About page. This is a hurdle for people wanting to find out who you are.

Your Resume – Not all people who are wanting to link to you on twitter is a potential employer. That being the case, the logic behind you linking your twitter account to your resume is defeated. I personally would not publish my life history to all.

Your Myspace/Facebook Page – I wonder why people link their personal pages to the world. Maybe a question that should not be asked to all but, I have the personal and professional lives separate.

Your website – Similar explanation as with the blog’s link. The website is even more professional in terms of the content and the layout

Your Short URL – A short URL is something that I am always worried about and everytime I click on a short URL I have a certain inhibition. The reason, a short URL is morphed, it would not reveal the domain until it is clicked. There is a potential for links with virus or links that will lead me to a porn site.

For these reasons, it is better to have a landing page and link the same to the twitter account. This is to give the people visiting a first hand information on who you are and quickly. The landing page takes off the need to navigate to a page where you have information on yourself.

We will see in the posts to come, what is ideal information on a landing page specifically designed for twitter.

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