Activate your Akismet plugin on WordPress to combat spam

Amarnath Prabhakar August 2, 2009 0

It is important that we understand spam and the ways to tackle spam. One of the proven ways to tackle spam is to activate Akismet.

Akismet is a plugin that was used by WordPress users and looking at the effectiveness and the need, WordPress adopted Akismet. These days all WordPress versions have Akismet as a default plugin to combat comment spam.

In this post we will see the step by step procedure to activate Akismet plugin to fight against spam.

Step 1

Login to your WordPress blog admin page. Click on the plugins page on the left panel.

Step 2

One you are on the plugins page, scroll down to the region where it says Inactive Plugins. You will find Akismet Plugin, click on the activate link under the Action column. This will activate the Akismet Plugin.

Step 3

Once you’ve activated the plugin, you will be intimated of the plugin activation and also a message will be published. This message is to intimate you to enter the WordPress API key for the Akismet Plugin to work.

Step 4

You will be asked to enter the API Key to start eliminating comment spam in your blog.Visit the site for you to get your WordPress API Key.

Step 5

Getting your WordPress API is now required. You can get your WordPress API by signing up in Look at this article for a step by step guide to get your WordPress API Key

Step 6

Once you have procured your WordPress API key, type that in the field provided and click on update. This will confirm that your Key has been verified in Green.

Now your Akismet plugin is ready to combat spam. It will actively sideline all spam comments but always be on the lookout for spam in your approved list. There are times a few spam comments sneak through Akismet.

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