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Amarnath Prabhakar September 20, 2008 0

Now, we know what a blog is and an understanding of what topic to choose. So, to host a blog there is always this argument as to how a blog should be hosted. Some say that it really does not matter how it is hosted and there are some who vouch for self hosted blog. A self hosted blog has it own domain name and its own backend database. We will see in detail about the self hosting and what it is helpful for.

If you feel you need to first get an idea about blogs and once you have sufficient knowledge then you would want to go self hosted. I am myself self hosted now only after a year I was with Listed below are blogging platforms which are there for us to take advantage of. There are so many and I personally have not looked at most of them, I started with Blogger and I am sticking with it because of usability. Feel free to check the ones listed below in alphabetical order and please leave your comments on what you feel about each.

The next post would be on a few blogging platforms with an indepth view on three or four of them. Subscribe to Unoblogger by Email

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