Blogging Tools – New Series for effective blogging

Amarnath Prabhakar September 18, 2008 0

This is a new series to provide readers with tips and tricks on blogging tools. We now know what a blog is, it has been written about in the previous posts. There are so many things that are involved when it comes to blog writing and maintaining and it is not as easy as it seems.

Fret not, I am not trying to drive you away from blogging. I am only trying to let people know that blogging is not an easy job and though it is tough it sure has it’s fruitful returns. There are a few basic needs for a blogger to be a blogger, they are

- Writing Skills
– Communication Skills
– Dedicated (Time management)
– Disciplined

Although these are a few very basic pre-requisites for anyone to be a blogger, there are a lot more for you to become an established blogger. They are

- Understanding technology
– Be organized
– Presentation of the blog
– Promoting the blog

Now, the first four point are primary need for anyone to become a blogger and the other four are acquired over a period of time through constant understanding and training yourself on the nitty gritties of technology. I am myself an amateur and do not possess any technical knowledge, over a period of time I have developed the knowledge on these aspects.

This series Blogging tools, will talk predominantly about various tools available for bloggers to improve efficiency. These can be from arguments on various widgets, articles on various plugins, templates, tracking tools, etc.,

Before we dvelve further into blogging I suggest you read through the article “Are you ready to blog“, this is a questionnaire for you to understand yourself if you really want to be a blogger. Also, be convinced that this blog will help you become a better blogger through various ways an means. So, ensure that you are subscribed to Unoblogger by Email to recieve articles everytime I post them.

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