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Amarnath Prabhakar September 23, 2008 0

There are many platforms as mentioned in the previous two posts, Blog platforms comparison and Platforms for blogging. I have, although not much, an understanding about blogs and how to handle posts in blogger. If you’ve noticed one of my blogs World Cuisines is built on blogger as a platform. Once you create a blog with the name you feel is apt, then the name would be followed by Now that is an issue to a lot of people as they feel that dependency on any platform to host a blog would have a few drawbacks. I am quite not sure about the drawbacks cause I’ve not come across one.

Whether you have a website or you depend on a blogging site to launch your blog, it does not matter as to what tools you use and how your blog is perceived. So without wasting much of space on this post I would give a step by step process on creating your post.

Creating an Account with Blogger
In order to get started with Blogger, you’ll first need to create an account. It is a simpler task if you are member with any of the google based sites namely, orkut, gmail, flickr,etc., On the, click the “Create Your Blog Now” button:

Screenshot: Create A New Blog
On the following page you’ll be prompted to create a Google Account. You can use your Google Account on other Google services. If you already have a Google Account perhaps from Gmail, Google Groups, or Orkut, please sign in first. After you’ve done that, you’ll need to enter a display name and accept blogger terms.

Once you’re done with this, you’ll be prompted to Create a Blog and get started!
Once you click on creat a blog, you enter a Title and Address (URL). You’ll also need to type in the verification word displayed on this page, to confirm that you are a real person and not a computer. When you’re done, click continue:
Once you click continue, you can choose a template for your blog from the next page as per your requirement.

Next, Blogger will create your new blog and reserve your spot on BlogSpot. As soon as you make your first post, your page will appear at the address you chose. You’re all ready to blog!

Once you create the first post there are a few things you need to do, which we would look at in the next post. Subscribe to more such posts on Unoblogger by Email

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