How much is your blog worth? – Sootle tool

Amarnath Prabhakar July 15, 2009 0

Understanding how much your blog is worth is something every blogger is interested and I am no different a blogger. Knowing your blogs worth is required to boost your morale in a big way.

Blog’s worth need not be measured just for the purpose of selling your blog away. It can be measured simply because, you would understand that your time and effort is not going waste.

We have seen the Technoratio based tool to find your blog worthyness and in this post, we will see a tool from

This tool calculates blog’s worth by considering the backlinks alone. The value has been taken based on reported deals concerning website buyouts, and applied it to your website’s backlink totals.

If you feel that the value of your website should be more than what is being shown then you should check Yahoo’s site explorer for your links as listed. The backlinks are culled fromYahoo’s API, the reason why you should check for your website backlinks there.

Step by step guide to check your blog’s worth as below;

Step 1

Visit the tool page by clicking here –

Step 2

Enter your website URL in the space as below in the format

Step 3

Once you’ve entered your website URL in the field provided, click on the Check button. This will publish the results to you. The result will be as below

So there you have it, your blog’s worth in Dollars.

My blog is worth $10,667.00 which is great and I know the blog is worth more than this value!!.

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