How much is your blog worth? – Websiteoutlook tool

Amarnath Prabhakar August 6, 2009 0

As a blogger it is important for us to know our blog or website’s worth. This need not be to sell the blog off, but to be motivated and inspired. This inspiration will transform into a drive to achieve better.

Such a measure letting us know how much the blog is worth considering a few factors is important. It is important to let ourselves be the judge of the the efforts that have gone into building the blog or the website. Blog worth is an important tool to help us to achieve greater heights in blogging.

In this article we are to look at one such measurement tool to measure your blog’s worth. This tool is provided to us by Website Outlook –

This tool calculates a blog’s worth based on the alexa ranking, so greater your alexa ranking the better your website’s worth.

Step by Step guide to calculate your blog’s worth using Website Outlook

Step 1

Visit the website

Step 2

On the top right you will see a field and beside it you will find the button “Calculate”. Key in your details in that field and click on calculate.

Step 3

Once you click on calculate, you will be published with the following details and among which is the value of your blog. Blog Worth Index details

My blog worth is $15,140.2 (USD), what is yours?

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