Internet tools to measure your blog’s worth

Amarnath Prabhakar August 14, 2009 0

A blog’s value is determined by many factors which include, site links, keywords used, alexa ranking, page rank, etc. These factors determines the authority of the blog and the authority is then used to determine the value of the blog or the website.

Why should I measure my blog’s worth?

The idea of measuring blog’s worth is not to sell the blog off. What ever the intentions understanding the blog’s worth in the internet space is always better. Knowing a blog’s worth will act as a scale to guage your blog’s performance. You can use the blog’s worth as a measure to work on.

It is always a sense of satisfaction to set targets and work on that same. In this line a blog worth can be used to scale up your blogs overall standing in the internet space.

How do I measure my Blog’s worth?

Using weighted average, each parameter can be assigned a specific weight in your overall calculation of the blog’s worth. First determining your score attained in each parameter like links, alexa ranking etc. Then multiplying the weightage in percentage. This does not end here, you will have to substitute the emerging decimel with a value.

This sort of a calculation might not be feasible or easy to many people. So, taking advantage of a few internet tools already available to measure blog’s worth is the right way.

Below are four internet tools to measure your blog’s worth

Technorati Based Tool – This determines the blog worth from Technorati API

Sootle Tool – This determines the blog worth considering the backlinks gained by this blog through Yahoo site explorer

Dnscoop Tool – This is a tool determining a blog’s worth from parameters like age of the domain, alexa rank, backlinks from the internet, page rank, etc.

Website Outlook Tool – This tool uses the Alexa ranking to determine the value of the blog.

Use these tools to measure your blog’s worth and use it as a scale to imporve your blog stance in the internet space.

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