Leaving comments on blogs for traffic, made easy

Amarnath Prabhakar December 6, 2008 0

If you’ve been a blogger and have been scouting the internet for various ways and means to attract traffic for your blog, you should by now know this. Leaving comments on other blogs is one of the highly opted ways to drive traffic to your blog. A lot of bloggers have identified this method of traffic generation as an effective option. 

Having said that, I sure wanted to leave comments on other blogs. My reasons for leaving comments has a different reason behind it. I leave comments only when I am compelled to leave comments, probably because the article was good. Also, I leave comments for branding and expect people to identify my blogs logo and the name.

Whatever be your intention to leave comments on other people’s blogs, it is a fairly time consuming task. The reason why I say this is because you have to fill out a form before you leave a comment. The form has atleast three fields to be filled everytime you want to leave a comment. The information is common among all the blogs but the way they are presented might differ, they are

  • Your Name
  • Your Website
  • Your Email
It is a task to fill these out before we leave a comment and to address this issue there is this tool which lets us fill out comments in a breeze. The tool is called EasyComment and is served as a firefox extension. 
You can download this tool from this website for firefox extensions or click here
Once you’ve downloaded this tool and installed on firefox you will see the tool on the status bar
Right click this tool and click preferences, that will open a box for you to fill the details.
After filling your details, save the tool box.
Now, everytime you are on a comment page of a blog and want to leave a comment, all you have to do is click in this easycomment on your firefox status bar. The details will get populated on the comment form, you will only have to fill out the comment and be done with the submission.
If you are not using firefox as a blogger, then you sure are missing the fun aspect of blogging. We will see about the various firefox extensions that are available to ease the blogging part. We would see about a lot more tools in the posts to come. 

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