11 Reasons to use desktop blog client (blog editor) for blogging

Amarnath Prabhakar April 21, 2009 0

What is a desktop blog editor?

A Desktop blog editor also called a desktop blogging client is a tool to do your blogging from your desktop. The best part about the blog editors is that there is not requirement on internet for writing articles. The only time you would require an internet connection is when you wish to publish your articles.

These blog editors will come in handy when you are traveling without any reliable internet connectivity. I know a few people who take a break to write articles and during these breaks visit a hill station or some calm serene locale for inspiration. Such places seldom have internet connections. So these people can depend on these editors which enable them churn out articles even with out any internet. The weekly list I publish, at one time contained a list of articles on blog editors you can check the list here – Weekly list on blog editors

Features and benefits of a desktop blog editor.

Write blogs offline: You can write even while you are not connected to the internet. Once you’ve written all that you wanted and when connected to the internet hit the publish button to make your articles live. It is better than writing on MS Word or notepad and copy pasting the same on to your online blog editor.

Manage multiple blogs: Imagine the option of having all the admin interfaces of all the blogs you write under one login where you don’t have to login to each to write articles. Having a desktop editor helps this task a lot. You just need to toggle between screens which are your different blogs.

Managing uploads: You can easily upload rich media, photographs, even links just with a copy paste and some desktop blog editors also allow a drag and drop to upload stuff to your blogs.

Image Editing: Almost all desktop clients provide image management tools such as adding effects, resizing, rotation, cropping, etc. for the pictures you upload to the blogpost

Spell Check: This is something that is available on many blog platforms but is a standard with desktop blog editors.

Easy editing: Writing long posts will become a tedious jo on online blog editors provided by the blog platforms. You will have to work within the text box that is provided, which makes you scroll up and down many times to add features to the blog post cause most features are on top of the text box. Desktop blog editors can tranform themselves into a full screen editor, providind absolute ease to blogging.

Rich formatting: This isn’t available on online editors. Rich formatting by name means adding any additional features to your blog posts like tables, graphs, etc., This is a standard with many desktop editors.

Web Preview: Web preview of posts comes standard in most editors, so you will know how the post is viewed online once published. This will avoid any additional changes after a post is published and made live.

Web Integration: Most desktop editors offer wonderful integration options with many web services such as Technorati for technorati tags, del.icio.us for bookmarks, Flickr for adding pictures, YouTube for embedding videos, etc. This will make blogging easier especially when you need to add media into your blog post.

Creating backup: Since you are using a Desktop blogging client the posts published will still remain in the client and serves as a backup incase of any data loss.

No Browser Crash: This has happened to me personally, where I was working on a post and after writing more than a few hundred words the browser just hung. I had to redo the entire post from scratch all over again. This scenario can be avoided if using a desktop client.

There, now we know about desktop blog editors and their benefits. These I am sure is enough reasons to get yourself a desktop blog editor. In the posts to come I would review the blog editors available.

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