Step by step guide for getting your WordPress API Key

Amarnath Prabhakar August 1, 2009 0

If you are a blogger using the WordPress platform for blogging, then you ought to know about Akismet plugin for spam. This is a plugin that has gained enough reputation for it to be adopted by WordPress for their blogging platform. Initially if you were up against spam, you had to install the plugin Akismet to your WordPress blog. Now, the plugin comes as a standard in WordPress platform.

To activate the Akismet Plugin you need to have a your WordPress API key, which can be procured from In this article we will look at the step by step procedure to get your WordPress API key.

Step 1

Irrespective of whether you have a self hosted blog using WordPress platform or you have a blog on, you need to procure a WordPress API key to activate Akismet to start the combat against spam. Go to website and click on Signup now

Step 2

In the page for sign up provide all your details and click on next

Remember to click on “Just a Username, Please.” if you have a self hosted blog and only require the WordPress API key.

Step 3

Once you click on the Next button, you will be taken to the page informing to check your email to complete registration. This message will confirm the email address to which this confirmation mail has been sent.

Step 4

In the mean time, you can fill in your details for updating your profile. The details required are you First name, Last name and a little about yourself.

Step 5

Check your email for a mail from This message will thank you signing up with and there would be a link for you to click. By clicking the link, you confirm the genuineness of your account and at the same time activate your account on

Step 6

Once you’ve clicked on the link to confirm activation, you will be taken to a page where you are intimated that your account is now active on

Step 7

Once you have a confirmation on the account activation, go to and login with the username and the password that you typed while registration.

You will be taken to the admin page of the WordPress account. On the left panel you will see a lot of links and among them you will also see a link “Profile”. Click on that.

Step 8

Once you clicked on the Profile link on the side panel of the admin page, you will be taken to another page where your API key is published to you.

This WordPress API key is like a password for all your blogs. Ensure that this is retained with highest security and please do not share this API key with any one for any reason.

There we have the procedure for procuring a WordPress API key for your blog’s plugins. At this point the WordPress API key is used only to activate Akismet Plugin for spam. Please leave on the comments below if you know of any other uses to the WordPress API.

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