What are Google SMS Channels?

Amarnath Prabhakar October 29, 2008 0

We know now that there are a lot of tools that google offers to its followers. We have heard about a few and use a few. There are tools for every requirement of an internet user, right from mail to social networking, from blogs to maps. The list of tools offered by google is endless and they keep coming up with more. A lot of tools of google like google analytics, google webmasters, google adsense have all simplified the work of website developers and bloggers alike.

These tools are all godsend to internet geeks and now there is more. Google has launched Google SMS channels for mobiles. These are similar to the radio or the television channels we choose to subscribe. There are two ways you can be associated with Google SMS Channels

  • You can subscribe to the channels already available here – google SMS channels
  • You can be a channel owner and get people to subscribe to your channels – Create channel
Irrespective of whether you are a channel owner or a subscriber this sure is a great tool to take advantage of. The channels are of the following 
  1. Blog RSS – Every blog has its updates stored in syndication and the same can be shared with subscribers. To know more about RSS check this post “What is RSS?
  2. Google Groups - We know that we can start a group and have the people we know in the group. The group can be closed or open and has a community of sorts within the group. The SMS channels can be used to update the group members of some information.
  3. News – SMS channels can also be used to get news updates and the best part is, you can choose what subject do you require updates for.
The owners can choose subscribers, in simpler words the channel can be public or private. If the channel is private then the owner chooses the subscribers by invitation.


We will get into more details of using the Google SMS channel in the posts to come. Ensure that you be back to know more information on the same.

There are two of my channels that you can choose to subscribe to

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The most important information that you need to know is, the google SMS channels are currently offered only to the mobile phones in India. People from outside of India cannot subscribe to this SMS channels now. Not to worry this sure would be rolled out to major nations pretty soon.

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