What are the different types of Comment or blog Spammers

Amarnath Prabhakar August 3, 2009 0

A spam is a comment or remark that is placed on a blog or a website with no relevance to the blog or the subject of the article.

This comment spamming is primarily done to gain Google Juice which eventually helps websites rank better on search engines. Comment spam is a pain for bloggers and website owners alike and this becomes imperative for us to understand these spam. Understanding them will better our chances of combating spam.

The spammers are broadly divided into two categories,

Commercial spammers – These are spammers who predominantly leave comments on blogs and websites to increase the exposure of their products and services. Also, these spammers leave comments to increase their search engine rankings (SERPS Ranking)

Non commercial spammers – These are spammers who are single entities. These are other bloggers and website users who are also behind search engine rankings. The fact that all in links from different websites and blogs increase your search engine ranking have been exploited.

Whether you are a commercial or a non commercial spammer, your spams will contain only certain information. These are divided into the type of spammers.

Time waster – These are spammers who leave their comment for the sake of it. They do no have any specific motive behind them leaving these comments. These are the very spammers who leave abusive content and derogatory remarks on the blogs.

Link needer – These are people who are behind building links to their blogs. Ever comment left on other blogs is a link to their own blog. So the greater number of comments they leave on other blogs, the greater the incoming links to their blog.

Comment spam bot – These are robots that are programmed to hop from one website to the other searching for the comments page. Once the comments page is found, these bots leave their spam comments along with the link to their websites. This is done by commercial spammers and the examples would be of medical information, lose weight campaigns etc.

Cheeky Spammers – These are spammers who are very subdued in their act of leaving spams. You will not recognize them from regular commentators. These spammers leave comments like “great post”, “wonderful article”, etc. Quite frankly these comments don’t mean much to the blogger, but is always fine with these comments since they are practically applauding the blogger’s great work.

It is important for us to understand the genuine commentators to spammers. This is done by many plugins and one of them is the Akismet Plugin. Happy blogging and the very best to you for your fight against spam.

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