World Internet Usage – Statistics

Amarnath Prabhakar March 19, 2009 0

There was a post I wrote on the senior internet users‘ growth. Post that article I was more curious to find out the actual details of internet usage and how well it is posed, even at times of the economic downturn.

I was more eager to find out whether internet would survive the recession (depression ahead). The findings are quite amusing. Although I wanted to find out the survival of internet, I came across some great finding from and the data is as on Dec 2008.

The findings have been rendered as charts for easier understanding and for illustrative purposes.

The current population of the world is 6.7 Billion and Internet users are 1.5 Billion that is a penetration of 23.6%

The growth of Internet users from the year 2000 to 2008 is at an alarming 338%

Asia contributes to 41.1% of the world Internet users followed by Europe contributing 24.7%

The penetration levels in comparison to the population of each region is as below

- Asia has 650 Million internet users and their penetration is 17.1%

- North America has a penetration of 73.1% and the number of internet users are 246 Million

Just considering just information from two regions, we can anticipate the growth.

Even if Asia grows to the levels of North America in terms of penetration, the number of internet users will touch 2.7 Billion. This number is quite alarming and a number to take note.

And, if all the regions in the world increase the penetration levels to the North American levels we need additional everything. The number of internet users will touch 4.8 Billion.

Also, considering the fact that the population growth of 1% year on year we will sure add a lot more users in the years to come.

The take from this information is that the internet is a pheomenon that is only getting stronger by the minute and there seems to be no end to this growth.

Any person associated to the internet is not just serving to the region he belongs but to the entire world. It sure is going to a competitive industry where the bigwigs of this industry would fight for their share of the internet pie.

Are you associated with the internet already?

If you are not, there cannot be a good time to start an association with the Internet. Start a blog (take a questionnaire to find out if you are for blogging), start an ecommerce business, Be an online resource for people in need of information. Whatever you do on the internet, you would reach success (provided people like the information or service you provide online). The last but not the least there sure is a huge opportunity to make money online considering there are to be so many internet users.

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