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Amarnath Prabhakar December 22, 2008 0

Greeting people and welcoming them to your home, workplace or any occassion is a norm. This is to ensure that the people visiting feel welcome and at the same time become comfortable. 

On this very angle, should we not welcome our visitors to the blog? 

If we are technically sound to develop some sort of a welcome note that features at the beginning of an article, it is good. There are certain disadvantages of having a permanent header or a footer in articles

- People visiting your blog and reading through your articles might feel it is another tool which is of no use to them

- Return visitors would also see the message and would question the necessity of such a message when they have already subscribed.

- Visitors moving through your blog posts might start to ignore this message if they are to see it too often and in every article.


To address such questions, there is a tool called the WP greet box. What it does is, it fulfils your need with a simplified plugin. The things it does are

1. It greets the visitors with a good welcome message, the welcome message is customisable 

2. It greets a visitor just once, it will not feature in all the articles of the blog.

3. The best and the most amusing aspect of this tool is that it can identify the origin of the visitor and greet him accordingly. Say for instance the visitor comes through stumbleupon then the message can be as below

4. There is another amazing use to this tool. If the visitor has come through the search engine like google, then you can even publish to him the search word he has used to come to your blog.

5. You also can choose to give an option for the customer to close this greet box or not.


This is a wonderful tool which can increase your subscription, increase your stumbles, diggs, technorati favourites, etc.,

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