Ashton Kutcher wins the twitter challenge against CNN

Amarnath Prabhakar April 20, 2009 0

It was the most talked about, sensational, unbelievable, amazing, etc, etc., thing that happened on social media or the social networks online. Ashton Kutcher, a celebrity (an actor in specific) had won the challenge against CNN in getting as many people to follow them on twitter.

What’s the challenge in that, you may want to ask. The challenge was to get a million followers on twitter. Why?

This sure was a publicity stunt that ensured the names of three entities benefit from it largely.

1. Ashton Kutcher @aplusk – He created this stunt for a cause, the cause which seems noble is that he would donate 10,000 mosquito nets to the areas that are infested with mosquito causing deadly infection like the malaria. He could have donated that straight away, I still don’t understand the reason to link a million followers to the donation.

2. CNN – CNN as an entity has ensured they’ve provided most recent updates as it happens. They probably wanted more recognition to their twitter presence and hence this stunt of publicity. Here CNN also joined the challenge and offered the same numbers of mosquito nets if they were to win. CNN has two profiles one is the CNN, which has about 68000 followers and the other is CNNBRK which is @cnnbrk for its breaking news division.

3. Twitter – Whether this is something worthwhile to the people who started following Ashton or CNN, twitter ensured they had the final piece of the cake. This challenge that was created between the two entities had created so much of fan following that twitter was the most benefited.

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