Bing, the Microsoft Search Engine is gaining popularity

Amarnath Prabhakar July 9, 2009 0

This morning there was an article that I came across on Mashable, the article was titled ‘Bing Now Bigger Than Digg, Twitter and CNN‘. This article has published information according to The traffic for and a few top websites are as below – 49.57 million – 38.96 million – 23 million – 28.54 million

This is just the numbers for June 09, considering that the search engine from the Microsoft stable was launched on 3rd June 09. If this is what has been achieved in the first month of launch imagine the potential it has in competing with the top websites and

This brings us to another question, we have all submitted our websites to the search engines google, yahoo and What is the status of and all the listings of our websites that were indexed on

The next immediate task that I took in finding about the indexed pages of So I went to and searched for ‘unoblogger’ and the search results that were returned made me heave a sigh of relief. The indexed pages on reflected on as well.

In the posts to come we would look at (now that it has become an important search engine), submitting your site to bing and more.

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