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Amarnath Prabhakar February 9, 2009 0

Today, we start a new category on This category would be called the “Industry News”.

Why a new category?

This morning as I was browsing through the internet, I found several news information about blogging. All the news were so needed for bloggers to better their blogging and to improve their chances to make money online through blogs.

Now, these information were available all across the internet and there was no single place from where these information can be accessed from. This made me wonder, if it takes so much of time and so many resources to procure information on a single subject, what is the whole point. So, here we are with a new offering from Unoblogger. “A single source of information for all blogging related NEWS.

What is this category about?

As the name suggests this category would have blogging related news. Any news on blogs, blogging or blogosphere would be published under this category. The various information that would be categorized as news are

New Features – New features on blogging, networking and microblogging services and products would be published as and when we have information on them

Competitions – There are a lot of competition targeted towards bloggers and the webmasters. Any such competition would feature under this category.

Awards - Blogging awards and felicitations would be published under this category

Events – Events organized with a target audience of bloggers and webmasters would also feature under this category

Updates – Updates of any kind apart from the ones mentioned above.

Trends – New trends, fad, vogue or whatever you want to call it. Any new sensation would be featured here under this category.

This is all done to ease the information gathering process for bloggers and internet savvy people alike on the subjects mentioned above. Feel free to visit this blog for industry information and sneak peeks on things to come as well.

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