Google Caffeine – Google launching a new version of Google Search

Amarnath Prabhakar August 11, 2009 0

The industry is abuzz with news of Google’s latest launch, Google Caffeine. Google Caffeine is a newer version of the Google Search. You can check search results at new Google Caffeine and compare it with the older search engine here, Google Caffeine.

This has been something that has been cooking for sometime and there cannot be a better time for this launch. Only recently did Microsoft come up with their own upgraded search engine Bing. This search engine Bing is gaining popularity among the net savvy.

On top of this popularity increase Bing and Yahoo signed a deal to share search engines. This is one important news because we are talking about two giants in the second and third positions in terms of authority online coming together. They are coming together to dethrone Google from it’s number one rank.

Great news in the internet world and all in the span of one month, this is something amazing.

So what is different with the new search engine, Google Caffeine?

The fist change is obvious, the keyword suggestions. For the same term “Make Money” the results on both these searches are as below

Old Google Search

Google Caffeine Keyword Suggestions

The Search button is published within the keyword suggestion box, this makes it simple to choose and click the button for search.

There are other changes as well like,

- The Speed now is lightning fast to populate the results.

- Accurate Results are populated

- Relevancy of results, even temporal relevancy.

- Greater number of Search Results.

These are the changes that Google has brought forth in it’s search engine and now the Search engine space is hotter than never before. More on these changes can be found at Mashable.

What is to be watched is how Google retains it’s supremacy in Search Engines against the onslaught of the Yahoo and Bing merger.

More details will be published as and when they emerge.

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