Google Reader being shut down

Amarnath Prabhakar June 2, 2013 0

Part of their spring cleaning act, Google does it again. This time it is their RSS feed reader, Google Reader which was launched in 2005.

What is a Feed Reader?

A RSS feed reader is an utility that lets users categorize feeds from different providers namely different blogs and different websites. In simpler words a feed reader helps catalog content from different websites enabling reading data easily and all in one place.

Is it going to affect anyone?

You might not be affected if you haven’t ever heard of a RSS feed reader, especially the Google Reader.

There is a certain section of bloggers and webmasters who’ve been depending on Google Reader for serving up information to their followers. Since it is a product of Google people depended on it, so much so that a major portion of their traffic was received from Google Reader. A tweet by one of the bloggers out there is a proof enough on the actual impact of Google’s decision to shut down Google Reader.


Is there something to expect from Google?

Honestly we do not know and best of all Google themselves would not know. There are options of various other readers out there and the same will be listed in the posts to come. For now we just need to forego the need to depend on Google Reader and wait for alternatives from Google.


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