Likaholix – A micro sharing service launched

Amarnath Prabhakar March 5, 2009 0

A new web service is launched, it lets you share your personal recommendations about anything in the world. This website is built on a tool which lets you build a whole list of things you like and share it with your friends online. You also receive recommendations based on your liking. This is a social bookmarking site, which let’s you not just bookmark websites, but everything you can think of. Also, it acts as a microblogging site which lets you share your likes and recommendations.

Likaholix is currently in limited private beta. Request an account by entering your email address. Then you will be sent a link for your to provide your login details and you are signed up for it.

What makes it different from any other Social Bookmarking or Microblogging site?

- You can like anything you want and not just restricted to the links and bookmarks online.

- If you chose anything not related to internet, the same will be added with your inputs. There is help provided to tag your inputs.

- Share the likaholix likes on facebook, twitter or friendfeed

- Recommend restaurants, pubs, theatres, etc., with location.

- Add media to your likes, like photo, video, etc.,

This is a beta version and is extended only to a certain few. Jump the queue already and sign up now. This is a concept by two ex google employees based out of San Fracisco, California. Their names are Bindu Reddy and Arvind Sundararajan, do the names ring a bell.

Wishing them the best to get this on a super launch.

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