More seniors are taking on to the internet

Amarnath Prabhakar March 17, 2009 0

Recently I came across an article that mentioned that the number of seniors using the internet is increasing at a greater level. Post this I did certain findings myself and am writing them on this post

There are certain facts

- 22% of Seniors 65 and Older use the Internet

- 3 Percent of online seniors in the U.S. have created a blog

- 17% have read someone else’s blog

- There are many seniors based websites that have sprung up or is under developement, those websites are

Source: and Allan M. Kleiman of the Old bridge public library –

To the seniors (65+), there is a lot of exposure to internet and they are more inquisitive and more interested to find information, do shopping and blogging.

There is greater potential in the surge of internet users considering that the elders of today are transforming into net savvy individuals. This along with the already eager youth and teens of the world. It is very evident that internet as a medium is only getting stronger by the day

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