Twitter rolls out twitter list beta for many, what is twitter list?

Amarnath Prabhakar October 29, 2009 0

This morning as usual I pick up my newspaper, a cup of coffee, switch on the computer, open my twitter account and was in for a pleasant surprise.

A new feature that has been offered to a select few and I wondered why would I be one among the selected few. There it was, a surprising note on my twitter account mentioning about something new and I being privileged to receive the note.

Well, the surprise is where I find a small note in my twitter account which read

New! Lists. A great way to organize the people you follow and discover new and interesting accounts. (BETA)

This was an interesting note and this fueled my inquisitiveness. I wanted to know what it was and I started scouting the internet for answer and this is what I found, Twitter begins List beta

The understanding that I got was that the twitter list was a tool provided to the tweeple to organize their favourite tweeps into a group. This is a great feature considering there are a lot of people in your following list and you need to track tweets of a specific few. So this day began with knowledge gathering and executing tasks. I understood a lot about the new twitter feature for lists and though would be right to impart my knowledge to the mass.

The note that I mentioned about was as below, please note the sentence which says “You’re part of a small group receiving this feature, so don’t tweet about it yet!”. So I am not tweeting about it as yet, there was not mention of blog posts though.

The illustrations that follow are the ones which teach you about twitter lists, creating lists and adding users to these lists.

Create a new list

Click on the create new list on your twitter home page, provide a list name, choose whether this list will be public or private and then click on create list.

Adding users to the list

There are three ways you can add people to your list

1. Find people to add to your list

Once your find the person you want to add in your list you add the person by choosing the list in the drop down.

2. Add people from your Following page to your list

3. Add people from their profile page to your list

Follow other twitter lists

There are many other twitter lists that have now been created by many. You can follow these twitter lists as well. I chose to follow a twitter list by TechCrunch of their team

My twitter list on Bloggers

I created my first list named bloggers, with six bloggers added to that list. You can choose to follow my list which is

Twitter Lists Page

I have now created my own list named bloggers and I followed a list from Techcruch. These two lists can be found in the twitter lists page.

There it is my quest for greater knowledge fulfilled on twitter lists and the day begun well.

Please let me know if you’ve been offered to create lists and share your lists in the comments below.

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