now has a new homepage design

Amarnath Prabhakar July 30, 2009 0 is a known and popular microblogging site with over 25 million active members. This has been a rage among the people where blogging was happening in a micro way. A lot of people showed interest in this company and one such interest was from Facebook wanted to acquire Twitter in an all cash deal and Twitter walked out of the deal not wanting to be sold out.

Now twitter has gained strength in terms of market share and internet space. As far as I know twitter was in the range of 200 about 4 months back in Alexa Ranking for traffic. As of the last known rank,’s Alexa rank is 21. This is huge growth portrayed by a single entity in the webspace.

Interest has been expressed by a lot of companies for mergers and acquisitions for Twitter. Twitter has always stayed as a single entity with a few venture capitalists invested in that company.

One other recent development on is the change of their homepage design. It now sports a flashy design.

As was in its current homepage design

This sure is a depiction to the world to say is not just here to stay, it is here to grow strength to strength on this internet space. It is rumored that Twitter has also launched advertising of twitter related applications and websites.

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