Yahoo and Bing ink deal on search engine results

Amarnath Prabhakar July 29, 2009 0

It was not long when an article was written on, Microsoft’s search engine gaining popularity. Today we have another news of taking advantage of Bing’s popularity.

It is now official, Micorsoft’s Bing will be the search engine for This will be the case for at least the next 10 years. We knew that Microsoft was vying for for an all cash deal before things went sour among the two companies.

This news seems to be revival of sorts and what is to be watched is whether this, not very comprehensive deal on search engine sharing goes through to a merger or buy out. The details of this deal is as below

- The actual time for which will be served by Bing’s search results is still vague

- Yahoo will keep 88% of the advertising revenue through search results

- Yahoo can serve it’s advertisements on some of the Microsoft’s sites

- Microsoft will retain the information on user analytics, demographies, interests. This information will prove good in the long run.

This brings together two giants on the internet space who share the second and the third positions to combat against Google’s supreme stance.

What is to be watched is the performance of this merger. The fact that Google now maintains 65-70% market share on searches world wide is a cause of concern.

The internet space has always been hot and now things have just gotten hotter in terms of search results served and the revenues earned. What do we stand to receive in this bargain? nothing actually. We sure can be contempt with a lot more search results and with a lot more relevance (maybe!).

One thing to remember is the fact that Google has announced the launch of cheaper and efficient operating systems for the people. This means that the war is not just in the internet space but has now started to spill over to other divisions related to online servicing.

More on the development in the posts to come.

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