Ad types – What are the Advertisement Types?

Amarnath Prabhakar October 26, 2008 0

There are lots of options for anyone to earn money online and one such option is writing blogs. Even when you write blogs you have to ensure there is constant information exchange, just to ensure people visiting your blog. If you have a blog of your own and looking at monetizing your blog then you should understand the various advertising options you have to make money blogging.



The various types of ads that are there as an option to bloggers are

Text Ads – Advertisement using text-based hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are links on words or phrase which links you to another webpage or website which need not be your own. Using hyperlinks as an advertising option is pretty lucrative considering the advertisement is morphed under a word. Ex: Recipes

Display Ads – It  is a type of advertising that typically contains text (i.e., copy), logos, photographs or other images, location maps, etc. These need not just be graphical and can take any form, shape or size.

Pop-up Ads – Pop-ups ads are used extensively in advertising on the Web, though advertising is not the only application for pop up ads. This is where another window appears over your browser, this window contains advertisements

Flash/DHTML Ads - These are ads predominantly used on banner ads. Flash is a software from adobe which can add life to graphics. So when you see dynamic ads which changes to expose the message, then be sure these are flash or dhtml ads

Interstitial Ads – Interstitial mean “in-between”, so ads that feature between two webpages are interstitial ads. This is also known as Transition ads, where an ad is featured between two articles on the browser during transition.

Video Ads – As the name suggests it is an ad where a video is played. Don’t be too concerned on the bandwidth allocation for playing videos. These days the videos are crisp and lesser sized.

E-mail Ads – There are a new way of ensuring that the customers are always in touch. To this, there are a few companies which share news letters with the customers. When an ad is sent through emails then they fall under this category.

Review Ads - You might have come across a few bloggers who offer to write a review of your product or website for a price. What they do is write about your product on their blog, for this they would charge you. The price fixed for this solely depends on the popularity of the website (traffic it generates)

Onsite Sponsorships – Again a way to make more money. Here the advertiser will spend his money to take up space on your website. The advertiser would use the space as he wishes, which would still be governed by the rules of the blogger

Advertorials - An advertorial is an advertisement written in the form of an objective opinion editorial, and presented in a printed publication. Most often than not this would be morphed as a genuine write up of the bloggers very own experience.

News Letters – Sending advertisements to subscribers through email. 

Paid Listings – It is a directory listing for which you would pay a price. This is where a website approaches another to list itself. Some websites call it featured listings.

Pop under ads – Similar to a pop up ad. The only difference is, this advertisement is not obtrusive but is featured behind the current browser. So, the advertisement will still be visible once the browser is closed.

As you see the options for making money online through advertisement are numerous and people come up with even better ideas to earn money from blogs. The question now is, why are you still waiting? join the bandwagon of bloggers provided you’ve read this article “Are you ready to blog?” and convinced that you can be a blogger.

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