Advertising displays on websites – Types and formats

Amarnath Prabhakar December 27, 2008 0

There are various types of advertisements for websites that we saw in the article titled “ad types“. In this article we will look into the display type of advertisement. Display ads are the ones that provide a message to the visitors. These messages can be text messages or graphical messages using gif images, flash, video or any other media type.

There are specific sizes for these display messages and these are universal. When I say universal, I would mean that the advertisers would know the types too and they would have the advertisements developed in these formats for us to plug it into our websites. There are primarily 5 display ad types, they are


Banner Ad –  Banner ads are 468 x 60 pixels and feature on the top of the website or the inside top of a post. Usually charges on the basis of cost per impression (CPM). The advantage this has is that the visitors can see the advertisement as the first thing on the website. This ad if developed well can attract the eyes of the visitor in the best manner. The disadvantage of this ad type is that the conversion might not happen immediately but can happen based on the visitors recall


Leaderboard – The leaderboard ads come in 728 x 90 pixels and usually features on the top of the websites.This is as well charged on CPM basis.  Used as a branding tool with lot of flashy images. Similar to a banner ad these dont attract conversions immediately but a wonderful tool to build brands. You can see the format of a leaderboard on top of this website.


Skyscraper – These types of advertisements comes in 120 x 600 pixels size and usually features on the sidebars of any website. Another CPM model advertisement. This occupies most of the blank spaces on sidebars and run through the entire length of the website. This too is similar to banner ads and leaderboards in terms on conversions, but sure is an excellent tool for brand building.


Square – This advertisement comes on 250 x 250 pixels and features on the top right hand corner of the website or the blog post. Charges on Cost per Click (CPC) is a very good revenue earner for the website owner. Also, for the advertiser this attracts lot many clicks and in turn lots of conversions for business.


Button Ads – These advertisements come in 125 x 125 pixels and is presented on the sidebars. This type is also on CPC method of payment and is a very good model for advertisers. Not much to pay and greater conversions. 

There are also a few more advertisement formats which are used but not so considered like the ones mentioned above. These formats come in sizes as below

  • Half Banner – 234 x 60 Pixels
  • Wide Skyscraper – 160 x 600 Pixels
  • Small square – 200 x 200 Pixels
  • Vertical Banner – 120 x 240 Pixels
  • Large Rectangle – 336 x 280 Pixels 
  • Medium Rectangle – 300 x 250 Pixels
  • Small Rectangle – 180 x 150 Pixels

Whatever the ad formats, the advertisers would be willing to place an advertisement on your site only if your site is attracting a lot of traffic and is popular. We will in the posts to come see the possibilities of increasing traffic and improving site popularity.

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