Affiliate Program FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Amarnath Prabhakar March 23, 2009 0

We have seen what an affiliate program is, and a little bit more on one of the affiliate programs: the amazon affiliate program. Although there is now a fair bit of understanding about the affiliate program and marketing there still are a few unanswered questions or points which need clarity.

Understanding the need for some more clarity on this subject, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions on affiliate program. This sure will be of help.

- How much to join an Affiliate program?

These programs are at many times free to join, unless otherwise specified. It is advisable to ignore the programs that ask for a joining fee.

- What knowledge do I need to join?

You don’t need any additional knowledge or possess a special skill to join. A basic requirement is for you to have a website. It does not necessarily need to be a self hosted website. A few affiliate programs also allow you to sign up on squidoo, google pages, etc., where they are not your websites but just your pages.

- What softwares are needed?

There is no need for any special softwares to launch affiliate programs on your website or webpages. There are HTML codes that are generated specific to your membership. These codes need to be incorporated into your website and that is it.

- When and how do I get paid?

Each affiliate merchant has its own payment schedule, it is usually between 45 to 60 days. You can choose to receive payments through Paypal, bank transfers or cheques. Even the method of payments vary from merchant to merchant

- Why merchants offer affiliate programs?

It is cheaper for a merchant as compared to a large sales team who will not only be paid a fixed salary but also incentives. With affiliate programs the merchants have to pay commissions to website owners only in case of a valid sale and not otherwise.

- How would the merchant know I sent a lead?

There are special tracking numbers very unique to you in the code that you incorporate on your website. The codes lets the merchant know the details like the number of leads you sent to the merchant, the conversion of the leads, the revenue through that lead, etc.,

Affiliate programs are a very safe bet, provided we choose the big names on affiliate marketing. The potential is huge for a website owner.

There are also no restrictions to the number of programs a website owner can sign up. There are no specific targets as well for the website owners to achieve. Sign up with affiliate programs and trigger an unlimited income stream through your website.

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