Can a blog make money?

Amarnath Prabhakar September 26, 2008 0

Quite a few times I’ve been asked this question and personally I feel that people who don’t want to be convinced on something can never be convinced no matter how much data you produce to support your claim. 

Let us start this post with this excerpt

“The average annual blogger revenue is more than $6,000. However, this is skewed by the top 1% of bloggers who earn $200k+.”

This is an excerpt from the blogosphere report 2008, This report clearly depicts the change in the trend of bloggers. Inititally blogs were only seen as a waste of time and was regarded as something pursued by college kids. How not true is that perception now. These days there are greater bloggers who have made a difference to the world wide web creating a niche community, the Blogosphere. 

The blogosphere is now experiencing addition of about a million blogs everyday. Currently there are 133 million blogs getting tracked by Technorati.

All the details are all fine but can there be money earned through blogs? To answer this question find the pointers below

  • There are atleast a thousand bloggers who earn more than 1,00,000 $ a year, Darren Rowse (problogger), John Chow (, Chris Garrett (, Shoemoney, Daniel Scocco (Daily Blog Tips) etc are a few of the great bloggers
  • There are now 22 blogs listed in the top 100 websites in terms of value in the year 2008, this is up from 13 last year
  • 4 of the top 10 entertainment websites are blogs
  • More and more bloggers are spending more time on their blog, almost equal time dedicated to blogging as their full time jobs
  • More than 24% of all bloggers spend more than 10 hours everyday, why would anyone spend that much time if its of no use?
And now a table

You can be convinced with the data and conclude that money can be made online and from blogging especially. Also, you can choose not to believe in data, claim that the data is cooked and continue to lead a stable 9 to 5 life (or so it is).

Let’s look in detail on how much money can be earned, ways of earning, factors determining earning potential of a blog in the posts to come. Subscribe to Unoblogger by Email

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