Earn Money Blogging – New Series

Amarnath Prabhakar September 18, 2008 0

After a few posts I’ve written on ways to start a blog I think it’s time now to start a new series for money making through blogs. There have been quite a few people I’ve come across stating that money making through blogs is a distant possibility and I am sure of that fact as well. Although it is distant it sure is a possibility. In this series “Earn Money Blogging” which is also the name of this blog we will see

- various money making options available for bloggers
– Which of the money making avenues are better and which are worse
– how to effectively monetize your blog
– tips and tricks from bloggers on money making
– sharing my own statistics on money made through blogs

I would want to close this post with a picture that is seen most times on the net.

This is a pic of Jeremy Schoemaker, who flaunted this cheque worth $132,994

Even now critics say that this is a rare possibility that people earn this much of money for a few reasons

1. The internet is diluted and there are lots of information available which will reduce traffic to your site and inturn reduce your earnings
2. Too many advertising opportunities which have diluted the advertisers’ spending
3. Lots of frauds on the internet claiming to have earned money
4. Possibility of earning any money now is not possible (this pic was in 2005)

All said and done these reasons below are written to support why money can still be earned through blogs

1. If your SEO is on track you can still manage to attract great traffic in turn earning great money
2. There are ways to attract traffic and these ways utilized will provide you with ample traffic
3. Making sure that you give quality blog posts time and again
4. why be worried about critics when you have living examples of bloggers who’ve earned money through their blogs?

Let me publish posts that talk about making money effectively and efficiently and various ways of doing so in the coming days and months for you to realize the potential yourself. You might want to subscribe to Unoblogger by Email to keep track of my future posts.

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