How much money can a blog earn?

Amarnath Prabhakar September 30, 2008 0

After you’ve read my previous article on earning money through blogs, you could have only two views

1. All this was achieved only by a few and is practically not possible by all

2. The people who achieved greater income through blogs have achieved it only through dedication and determination. These people were also at some point normal human beings like us.

If your thought is similar to the second point then I should say that you have identified something that you can pursue to achieve greater goals. This blog is determined to do just that, encourage people to blog and look at blogging as an alternative income stream and to teach the nuances of blogging which sure determines the success of your blog.

Earn money blogging

Make money online

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Read further through this post and I will try to answer the question that appears in the title of this post. I should only say that the potential of earning through a blog is limitless but that cannot be the right way to put it forth. I would support my claim with a simple equation. 

The equation states how much a blog can earn in terms of advertising revenue. An universal understanding of earnings provides us with this data. Any blogger on an average can earn approx $ 1 for every 100 visits, so more the visits the better the earning per day.


Hypothetically speaking


100 visits = 400 pageviews = 1 dollar
500 visits = 2000 pageviews = 5 dollars
1000 visits = 4000 pageviews = 10 dollars
10000 visits = 40000 pageviews= 100 dollars

So more the visits the better the earning potential, please be informed that this is only illustrative and depends a lot more on pagerank, search engine optimization et al. Ensure that you be frequently visiting my blog for, I would be talking about the nuances involved in making money online especially through blogs.

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