Make money online with Amazon’s affiliate program

Amarnath Prabhakar March 16, 2009 0

We have seen how an affiliate program helps bloggers make money online. There are various affiliates who offer programs to bloggers (to partner to sell a product)

Amazon offers one such affiliate program to bloggers. In this post we will see in what ways Amazon lets you be an affiliate.

Amazon as a merchant provides you ample options for you to choose to advertise their products. Amazon has many ways to advertise on a website and we will see them in this post

Product Links – You can link to a specific product also, choose to write some information on the product. There is a tool called the product link tool that allows you to create links to the products on The various links that you can have are

  • Text Links
  • Text and Image Links
  • Image only Links

Banners – You can choose to advertise a product by way of banners. The size of the banners is wholly upto you to decide. There are many standard banner sizes and shapes available to choose from.

Site Stripe – A stripe ad is something that appears on top of any website. The first to load on a website, gives you greater chance for an advertisement to be clicked and the product sold. It is easy to configure and is compatible with product links.

Widgets – These are rich, mini applications which are interactive, bringing the website itself to your website or blog. There are 17 (right, seventeen) options available for your to choose from. Once you choose an option and the products that need to feature, you copy the HTML code and paste it on to your website. You can find these widgets here – Amazon widgets

aStore – It is an Associates product that gives you the power to create a professional online store. Within a few minutes, without any programming knowledge you can create an entire store with a shopping cart included.

Now, if you are convinced to join as an affiliate for Amazon, you can sign up here – Amazon affiliate program

If you need a step by step to help you sign up for the amazon affiliate program, you can check here – Step by step guide for Amazon Affiliate program

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