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Amarnath Prabhakar October 30, 2009 0

Blogging to many is just a way to post to people an update of their lives and for many it is dream to achieve an additional recurring income online. Let’s face it not many bloggers who’ve wanted to make money online have achieved their want. There is just a handful of bloggers on the internet who make upwards of a thousand dollars a month.

There is a lot to blogging than just writing posts and articles. There are these all important factors like SEO, SMO, quality of the articles, etc, which determine if you ever will make money blogging.

A few times I have read articles that mentioned the possibilities of making money through social networks and social media websites. Yeah you read it right, people making money from social media websites. For example, there are some power diggers taking advantage of DIGG, so it is with StumbleUpon and I came across this article from Shoemoney about the possibility of earning good money from Twitter.

Having reached the 3500 followers figure on twitter I wanted to know if there were any possibilities of monetizing the fan following. This brought me to Sponsored Tweets

The only condition for your to sign up for your sponsored tweets account is that your Twitter account must be at least 4 months old and have at least 200 followers to be visible to advertisers and receive offers.

My account being more than a year and me having more than 3500 followers, I wanted to sign up to see the options available. So I signed up for sponsored tweets and have illustrated how you can sign up too.

Step 1:

Visit the website

Step 2:

Once you’ve opened that website you will see a sign up or login sign on the left of the window. Click on Signup using Twitter.

Step 3:

Once you have clicked on signup using twitter, provide your twitter username and password and click on Allow. This will take a moment to return to the sponsoredtweets website.

Step 4:

Once on the website, you will have to fill details necessary to create an account. There is charge per tweet, which need not be changed. Choose category – General, ad unit type – either and provide the tags

The suggested price based on your Twitter stats and hence need not be changed. Also, click on payout guarantee which means that your tweet does not reach a $1.50 CPC, it will be re-tweeted 48 hours later. You will be paid for this tweet as soon as it reaches a $1.50 CPC, or 2 hours after it is tweeted 3 times.

The fact is that you will still be paid the initial offer amount for all offers, but with this option enabled, you will be much more attractive to advertisers.

Once the details filled you would have successfully signed up.

This website also has a list of Featured tweeters who user sponsored tweets and the list is sure attractive.

Once all this is done all we got to do is wait for offers from the advertisers, which you can choose to get intimated through DM or mail.

I am waiting to receive any opportunities from the advertisers. Meanwhile if you have signed up for sponsored tweets do mention your monthly earning from them in the comments below. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so from here, SponsoredTweets sign up.

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