Step by step guide to sign up for Amazon affiliate program

Amarnath Prabhakar March 12, 2009 0

There are a lot of bloggers who vouch for the amazon affiliate program for reasons like, wider products, branding etc.,

If you are a blogger and are convinced with the fact that you can make money with affiliate program. Look no further if you are wanting to sign up with Amazon’s affiliate program. This post gives you a step by step procedure to sign up with amazon

1. Visit the website for Amazon Affiliate program – Click here. Click on “Join now for free”, which is on the right hand corned just below the sign in box.

2. Provide your email address in the page and click on “I am a new customer”. Click in Sign in using our secure server.

3. Fill out the details on the next page called “Registration”. Fill in all relevant details, provide a password and click on continue

4. Fill out your contact details on the next page which includes your mailing address

5. Fill out the website details under the “your website profile” column

6. Once you click on Finish, the next page will thank you for becoming an Amazon affiliate and ask for updation of payment methods. Click on add payment details now.

7. You can choose your payment methods from three options

- Payment by gift certificate

- Payment by Direct Deposit

- Payment by check

Choose which ever is appropriate for you and click on submit.

Now you have signed up for Amazon affiliate program. There are various options to choose from to sell amazon products on your website. Choose the ones that might be suitable for your blog or website and start reaping money.Happy earning.

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