Ways to choose an advertisement target audience

Amarnath Prabhakar March 14, 2009 0

Online advertisements have a global reach and a wider acceptance among the publishers of websites and the advertisers alike. Although there is a wider reach, an online advertising campaign might fail considering that the advertisements are being served to everyone. An online advertising campaign would be fruitful if there is certain market segmentation that can be done online.

This sort of a market segmentation would enable advertisers to make the fullest use of a campaign by targeting the same based on certain criteria. Thus emerged market segmentation for online advertisements.

The segmentation can happen considering a wider data collection. Specific segmentation can be done on websites which procure information from the end user of the websites. Facebook for example has got a wonderful model of advertising where the customer can choose the target audience to the most possible extent.

We will see what are the various criteria with which an advertising campaign can be targeted.

Location : Also called the geo targeting, where only specific users from a specific region of the world can be targeted. This can be done by tracking the IP from where they access the internet. Every region is tagged with IP and the IP can in specific and accurately let people know the origin of a web user.

Age : Another targeting based on age, there can be certain products specific to the teenagers and high school kids. When we are able to target these people the campaign would be a success

Sex : A product is produced keeping in mind the end user. A product for the use of men need to be advertised to the men. In some cases women also can be targeted considering that the women can but gifts for the men.

Keywords : This is the most important advertisement targeting which is in particular associated with online advertisements. This is also called contextual advertising, where keywords used by the end users are targeted and relevant advertisements are shown to these users.

The next few targeting methods can happen only when we have prior information of the users. Websites like facebook, orkut, myspace, etc., have procured information of the users and the advertisements can be targeted based on advertiser preferences. The other preferences are

  • Education
  • Workplace
  • Relationship status
  • Language

There can be more and more targeting methods which primarily depends on the kind of information we have on the end users of the internet and the website in particular. These methods enhances the saleability of a product and increases the potential to make money online with advertisements to the webmasters (website owners).

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