What is Adsense Premium Publisher status?

Amarnath Prabhakar March 18, 2009 0

Adsense is an ad servicing wing from google. Being an adsense publisher a lot of people have gained lots in terms of monetary benefits. Recently I cam across an article where a blogger was boasting about what adsense and blogging gave him. You can fins that article here – Adsense earnings

If you noticed closely you will find that the advertisements on that blog you will find a huge difference in the way it is presented.  The difference between premium ads and regular ads are depicted in the picture below.

What are the differences between regular published ads and premium ads?

Blended ads – Premium publishers can change the look and feel of the ads. This means that they can ensure their advertisements on the site is merged with the website. This way the visitors would not know if a link is another article or an advertisement. The Click through rates would increase once we start to publish more such advertisements.

Option to show google ads logo – Premium publishers have an option of publishing google ads logo or not. As a regular publisher if we remove or change the google ads logo, then we stand a chance of getting our adsense account barred. This is not the case with premium publishers, the premium publishers can choose to show the logo, modify the logo to just a text link which says “Sponsored links” or in many cases choose to totally remove the branding.

As a premium publisher you have more benefits:

Placing ads on Adult Pages – On these types of advertisements the revenue would be more

Placing ads on Casino Pages – Inspite of the fact that gambling is not legal in most parts of the world (which is also the case with adsense), it does not hold true for premium publishers.

A dedicated account manager - A dedicated account manager sure is a luxury, considering we need not mail adsense for questions we might have and the same replied with a huge turn around time.

Negotiate your share – Another wonderful option on being an adsense premium publisher

All this is fine, why do you think you are not there in the list of premium publishers? There are specific requirements for you to be eligible for this privilege.

A website should receive more than 5,000,000 search queries (or) should have 20,000,000 content page views a month.

Just ensure that you achieve the requirements and your adsense account would automatically be upgraded to this premium status. Also, do let me know if I’ve missed any points.

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