A year gone by for UnoBlogger.com

Amarnath Prabhakar September 17, 2009 0

It was 17th September 2008, when this blog was published for the first time and today this blog marks one year completion online.

It has been a wonderful journey with a lot of ups and downs. There has been a lot since this blog inception which has not gone well and there have been learning through this.

The Journey!!

After a whole year of blogging on UnoBlogger.com (there had been a few off months). There were a lot of mistakes committed and learnings had through the mistake. Blogging to me started as an experiment with World Cuisines, where I just wanted to have a blog for me to learn internet. This blog was started on Nov 2007. This blog on recipes of the world, allowed me to learn lots and as every day passed I was learning something new.

I never knew HTML or CSS or PHP or MySql or any of the technicalities that were needed to self host your own blog. Day by day I was wanting to have my own self hosted blog and day by day I was getting restless for this want. And finally on 15th September 2008, I registered for Domain and Hosting and the next two days set up the blog. Initially I just set the blog up which was more crude and then over time I tweaked the blog to give better appeal and usability.

On 27th July 2009, there came change in the look and feel of UnoBlogger.com. This change was very important in terms of the blogs development. This changed marked the whole new UnoBlogger.com with better eye appeal and a better navigation. This date also saw many other changes in terms of the plugins used, the templates. etc.

The best of UnoBlogger.com

Although the best of this blog is yet to be delivered, there have been many articles that have been important. Here is the list of articles that were the best in the first year of this blog.

- How to add Retweet Digg Reddit Stumbleupon buttons to blog post

- Importance of twitter landing page and the content to write for a good landing page

- Step by step guide to sign up for google adsense

- Step by step guide to Contesting a twitter account suspension

- Reasons why I stumble a website in Stumbleupon

- Are you ready to blog? Questions to prospective bloggers

- Choosing a topic for your blog

These are just a few articles that portrays the best on UnoBlogger.com, you can find the whole archive here – Sitemap of UnoBlogger.com

How was the feeling?

The journey has been wonderful teaching me many important aspects of blogging, promoting a blog, designing and what not. There is a sense of satisfaction of having achieved something that I never thought possible.

The journey has been tough and has been with a lot of learnings. There is more there is to learn and more to achieve. These 365 days has taught me an important lesson, “There is no shortcut to anything and it takes a lot of hardwork to get anywhere”

What next?

The journey so far has been tremendous and it sure is going to become even better. There is a hunch that there are going to be better blog posts, better content and most importantly better tips on blogging.

The hunch is something, but there sure is determination from my end that there is going be better everything. Be sure to be around to catch the best of things to come on Unoblogger.com.

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